Frequently Asked Questions

Content Owners

I want to use Zunavision to monetize my videos. What should I do?
Contact us at media@zunavision.com — we'll get you a login and you can start assigning ad-ready spaces in your videos as quickly as you can upload them to our servers.

What does Zunavision do to my video?
Zunavision can either embed the ad into your video permanently, or simply note the location of the insert so that your video remains untouched and ads can be served dynamically to it, without affecting the video itself. We do both, depending on the application.

Can I select where the ad appears?
Of course — the ultimate control of where ads can appear in your video is in your hands. Zunavision lets you assign these spaces yourself in a matter of seconds, according to your preferences.

What video formats does Zunavision work with?
Virtually any format out there.


I’m an advertiser and I want to try Zunavision. What should I do?
Get in touch — email us at adsales@zunavision.com and we can run you through the process and arrange a trial with any number of videos and channel partners.

Are Zunavision ads clickable?
If it's right for your campaign, Zunavision ads can be clickable and as interactive as a banner or overlay. However, our advertisers tend to value Zunavision as branded rather than direct response advertising.

How do I control where my ad shows up?
As an advertiser you can have as much control of your ad impressions as you want, depending on your level of targeting and the type of campaign you're running. You can vet every single video that carries your ad, work with a particular selection of channels, or simply limit its exposure to certain categorizations.

What do you charge? What is your pricing model?
Zunavision is used for a wide variety of applications and clients, so it depends entirely on the particular usage you have in mind. Contact us at adsales@zunavision.com to discuss your particular needs or queries.


How does Zunavision work?
Zunavision works by enabling anyone who has a video and can click a mouse to assign spaces within their video. The space can then be filled by an advertiser’s ad served by Zunavision.

What types of content can be placed in the video?
You can place any image format, flash animation, and indeed any video format into a video.

Can I download Zunavision?
Currently aimed at corporate clients with large inventories of video, Zunavision is not available for individual download.

Can I use Zunavision for my own personal projects?
Zunavision is a commercial product, so if your budget and the scale of your project allow it, contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Can I weave Zunavision-enabled videos into my website?
Sure — if the videos in question feature zunavision ads embedded in the actual video, you can play them wherever you like using whatever player you like. If your video contains dynamic ads served by Zunavision, you can use the player of one our partner sites, which are Zunavision-enabled.

Is there a Zunavision plugin or API I can work with?
Yes — contact us about integrating Zunavision into your business.

Is Zunavision technology similar to green-screening?
Green-screening involves pre-empting the insertion of ads into video by placing a physical green screen on the film-set or sports pitch before the video is recorded. The green color is then replaced with ads in post-production. In contrast, Zunavision can insert ads after the fact, into any video, and doesn't require any pre- or post- production.

I’ve seen similar technology used in TV sports coverage – what’s the difference?
The logos and lines that appear ‘on the pitch’ require physical markers on the pitch itself and live manual assistance in the recording studio. While the effect is similar, Zunavision doesn’t require any human intervention or pre-production.

Haven’t Hollywood and TV studios been able to do this since forever?
Production houses can achieve effects similar to Zunavision at considerable cost in both time and money. Manual post-production is a lengthy, expensive process that obviously isn’t viable for anything but the most popular and established TV shows and movies. In contrast, Zunavision is automatic and quick, making it viable for any video.

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